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How newspapers covered the ten year anniversary of 9/11

The Denver Post: Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here is a prime example of a perfect remembrance page. The photo in the left column acts as a tease to the entire remembrance section, while the content on the right has some substance. The reason this layout worked so well? The Post had a spadea that morning. Covering up the photograph was a smart move here I think, even though it is phenomenal photography. The front story is completely localized which also makes it work. Simple headlines and a short, to-the-point pull quote makes this one solid effort from the folks in Denver. 

The New Yorker: September 12, 2011

I know this isn’t a newspaper, but I just had to post this. Stunning is really all that can be said for this cover of The New Yorker. I first saw this posted on Facebook and just remember my jaw dropping. The simplicity of this illustration makes it so powerful that there is no reason to have a headline or any content on the front. Beautiful. 

The Arizona Republic: September 11, 2011

There were plenty of newspapers play off of the idea of the Twin Towers, but this is the only paper that I saw that used negative space to tell the story.  The headline compliments and solidifies the concept behind the design. The only thing I would worry about here is the legibility of the the text. 

Naples Daily News: September 11, 2011

As most papers around the country, here is some great photography work. Scaling down the mast and playing up the headline and photo work is pretty standard when it comes to this kind of page, but something about this one stuck out to me. I love how the whole page is strictly a tease to inside content. 

Des Moines Register: September 11, 2011

This page is pretty powerful and it’s one of my favorites, but there are a couple things that stick out to me. First off, The Des Moines Register is a Gannett newspaper and therefore I’m surprised not to find Gannett’s “A Gannett Company” directly under the mast. Makes me wonder if they got into some trouble because of it. If you were to just look at this paper and only this paper, you’d think wow, that’s a phenomenal idea and way to use the towers, but this isn’t the only paper that used this. Another paper used the same exact image to dominate their front page. That’s my only downer. Otherwise it all works. I’m not the biggest fan of black background and white text because it’s difficult to read, but I like it here. 

Lessons learned from 9/11: Most papers either played big art or big illustrations and if that’s what you’re going to do, it has to be done right. There needs to be a big focus on connecting the headline and the photo and most papers from across the nation did just that. Typography and choosing typefaces is also important. If it’s going to be special, make it special without going overboard. 

Pages pulled from Newseum and SND Region 2’s Facebook page.