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How the Denver Post covered Obama coming to Colorado

The Denver Post: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 

This is a little old now, but I still wanted post about it, because this is one of the more powerful pieces I’ve seen in a while, except of course, all of the 9/11 anniversary coverage

This piece ran the day that President Obama came to speak in Colorado to pitch his jobs plan. 

The package as a whole works so nicely together that it’s hard to break it down, but let’s give it a go… 

The photography work is simply brilliant. Pulitzer prize winning photographer Craig Walker took the portraits and applied some sort of Hipstamatic or Instagram-like filter which packs a huge visual punch because it’s rare that you see that effect on newsprint. The definition and expression on the faces tells the story all on its own. 

Another element that I love from it is the fact that each person in the photographs has a short quote, adding another layer into the story. 

Then there’s the headline. There isn’t really anything else to say other than: It’s perfect. There is such a huge need for the connection between the art and headline and the Post could not have done it better. 

It’s a great package that takes a national issue and localizes it not only in text, but takes a brilliant angle at localizing it visually. 

The Post also did a fantastic multimedia package to accompany the story. You can find that here.