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Behind the Denver Post’s Sunday front page

The Sunday Denver Post: January 15, 2012

The Denver Broncos incredible season came to an end Saturday and this is how the Denver Post played it on Sunday’s 1A. 

Everything with the centerpiece package is working so well together. I absolutely love the ‘Over & Ouch’ headline. Not only does it play extremely well with the story of the game, but it compliments the art so well. 

Linda Shapley wrote this note about how the headline came about: 

I think you follow me on Twitter, but I was talking a lot during the game and noting that the suggested heds in the newsroom were coming fast and furious (though most were probably too offensive — my favorite of those was, probably, GOD AWFUL.) One of the things we try to do with big news stories is set up a hed file for many editors to offer suggestions — if the broncos win, if the broncos lose. By halftime, it was obvious that we needed to focus on the latter. Can’t remember who — it might have been me — suggested “OUCH.” I really liked something that struck a conversational tone and reflected reader’s views. However, the count would have been very, very, very short. (I also still didn’t have a photo or a story yet — so I didn’t know how to adjust to make it work). Copyeds kept throwing out offers and came up with “OVER & OUCH” — slightly punny, but not cliche and fitting the tone we wanted.

What was great is that the game was over at 9:40, and our deadline was 10. I got the column and two different photo options through the pages in 20 minutes. those are the times that will either energize you or kill you. :^D

This page was also Linda’s 1A farewell performance. She has moved off the design desk and is now the Director of Newsroom Operations taking over for Managing Editor Jeanette Chavez who took the Post’s buyout late last year. Lead Designer Matt Swaney is taking Linda’s spot as Director of Design.